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KLIK-UP construction system
It stands out for its ease of installation and easy access to the passive house standard. All components are recyclable and safe for health.
KLIK-UP construction system is based on a classic post construction, which in our country forms the vast majority of modern wooden buildings, the most widespread in North America and Scandinavia. The system also allows the construction of columns (I-beams) and insulation, which are connected by special locks and polyurethane glue, which provides greater stability and time savings during construction. Structural design of the house in the KLIK-UP system, in accordance with the applicable standards. The construction does not take into account the load-bearing properties of polystyrene, but only the wooden components and fasteners, but the integrated polystyrene blocks EPS 150 are very strong and considerably harden the entire construction.

We offer a comprehensive construction system, which is based on the proven classic construction of wooden buildings, but on a new concept, at reasonable prices and a 30-year warranty. The KLIK-UP system stands out above all for its ease of installation and easy access to the passive standard of the house. All components are recyclable and safe for health. To build a rough construction, you need our kit, 2 scissor ladders, electric drill, meter, bubble level and 2 pairs of skillful hands. The handling of the individual pieces is very simple, since they are designed so that their maximum weight does not exceed 30 kg. The basic kit contains wooden I-beams, custom made polystyrene blocks, KVH prisms, OSB boards and special fasteners. From these elements it is possible to assemble a complete rough construction of the house (foundation slab, walls, partitions, ceilings, roof) on several floors and according to the client's wishes. The kit is made to measure, without the need to modify parts, with all fasteners and instructions for simple assembly. With the KLIK-UP system, thermal bridges are minimized and the tightness of the entire building is easily accessible, so you can simply build on a passive standard. Assemble the rough construction with wood or plaster. The system allows routing cables and pipes through the walls. The insulation is fully integrated into
thickness wall structure
from 160 mm to 480 mm, according to customer requirements.

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