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We are a Czech manufacturer of SIP structural systems (structural insulated panel systems) under the name of SIPsCZ and KLIK-UP construction system. Both systems are designed for the construction of passive and low energy wooden buildings. These systems have the advantage of interdependence, a combination that depends on the complexity of the building and the imagination of the designer. Both construction systems emphasize energy efficiency, thermal bridge breakage, ease of assembly, versatility and lightweight construction. During production, we place great emphasis on ecology, the quality of the workforce and the quality of the materials used, which is related to a strict selection of suppliers.


The simplicity of the construction and the preparation of individual parts of the construction site tailored directly in the production allows a significant acceleration of the crafts at the construction site and eliminates the possibility of possible implementation errors. Not only our clients can use our professional assistance or recommendations to find a suitable construction site, with the appropriate financing and insurance option of our selected partners. Our clients can decide at which stage of construction completion. You can use the services of a complete turnkey delivery of the house, you can use the possibility of delivering a rough construction, or in the form of a kit to make the construction yourself. In all cases, the service is provided in the form of instructions on how to build, professional supervision and training by our professionals. You can find inspiration in the offer of our type projects with the possibility of presenting your own ideas and ideas. We open the way to your creativity through an individual approach oriented to your needs. We cooperate with several design offices at the same time, which allows us to respond quickly to the needs of the investor. In a very short time we can provide studies or projects according to the specific requirements and ideas of investors. From the beginning, we have emphasized the high quality of the work done, the quality of the preparation, the control and the management of the project. The active and serious approach for investors is a matter of course. The quality of our production is backed by the product certification and management system.

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