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Skladba stavby SIPsCZ  

Building system SIPs (Structural Insulated Panel Systems) is a universal system for solving structures of walls, ceilings and roofs of different types of buildings, not only for the construction of houses, but it is also widely used for a variety of light industrial and multi-functional buildings. It can be used not only for complete new buildings, but also for roof extensions and reconstructions. SIPsCZ uses a self-supporting sandwich panel as the basic design element. The panel consists of two OSB boards and insulating panels made of stabilized EPS fire retardant polystyrene.

panel II..png

shell - ensures the statics of the panel, is made of OSB boards made of oriented large-area chips, boards EGGER OSB 4 TOP are glued with PU resin 100% formaldehyde-free.
The advantage is low weight and high strength.

core - is primarily as an insulating element, made of stabilized fire retardant polystyrene EPS; it also serves as support for OSB boards to prevent them from bending under load.

Thanks to a full-surface glued joint, a compact structural and insulating construction element is created which can withstand the strictest building standards.

The system has been tested and tested by accredited institutes - TZÚS, PAVÚS, CSI, FIRES and certified by VVUD Prague. Production and construction from the SIPsCZ system takes place in the production control system and is under regular control. In production, each panel undergoes rigorous inspection and tear tests are performed at a given interval. Only in this way can we be sure of the quality of our product and with a clear conscience to provide the customer with a guarantee of construction for 30 years. In general, all rules for designing wooden buildings apply.

SIPsCZ can be used to assemble various parts of a house - you do not have to confine yourself to choosing certain technologies.

The system can be used for:

  • base plate

  • roof cladding

  • external walls and partitions

  • staircase

  • ceiling construction

Main advantages of building system SIPsCZ

  • Energy efficient

  • Low air permeability through SIPs panel construction . Thanks to this, temperature fluctuations in the structure are limited, when the thermal resistance of the “R”

  • The humidity inside the buildings does not affect the thermal resistance of the structure in the perimeter panels

  • There are no openings or cavities in the SIPsCZ panels . of conditioned air. Compared to bulk material, glass or mineral wool insulation, there is no vertical air circulation in SIPsCZ panels

  • Unlike wooden or steel constructions, constructions made of brick or concrete blocks, due to the high ratio of construction area and number of joints, SIPsCZ panels do not create unnecessary heat loss bridges.

  • The SIPsCZ building module is resistant to attack by rodents and insects (foam is indigestible for animals).


Reasons for choosing the SIPsCZ system

  • Cheaper housing - an average of 20% compared to brick houses

  • Speed of construction - housing already in 8-12 weeks

  • Healthy living without allergens, molds and formaldehydes

  • Save energy - save up to 70%

  • Ecological construction - wood is a recyclable and renewable resource

  • Year-round construction season - the weather limits construction to a minimum

  • Dry construction process - construction does not have to freeze (does not contain water)

  • Larger area - 10% more usable area (due to wall thickness)

Thanks to quick assembly and quick moving into a new house you will save several months, sometimes up to several years rent for your current housing.

The small thickness of the perimeter wall on a single-storey house with a built-up area of 100 m2 saves 10 m2, ie one room, compared to bricks, which is approximately CZK 170,000 - 210,000.

Fast construction reduces the cost of mortgages by tens of thousands. There is a difference to pay interest on the entire amount for the construction period of three months or two years.

Buildings from SIPsCZ technology are very accurate, they do not require more repair and completion costs.

Operating costs of SIPsCZ houses are minimal thanks to excellent thermal technical properties - from 1,200 to 3,000 CZK / month.

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