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What is the price of a house with CLIK-UP?
The simplicity of construction and the preparation of individual parts of the construction site directly adapted in production allows a significant acceleration of site works and eliminates the possibility of possible implementation errors.
Exceptional thermal insulation properties of the system.

KLIK-UP guarantees monthly energy savings.
Our clients can decide at which stage of  construction completion. You can use the complete turnkey delivery services, you can use the option of delivering a rough construction or in the form of a kit for building your own. In all cases, the service is provided in the form of instructions on how to build, supervise and train our professionals.




• Simplicity and lightness of construction, no expensive foundations
• speed of construction, 1 to 5 days
• year-round installation
• heat-insulating properties, price for heating 100m² approx 6tis / year
• without unnecessary thermal bridges
• Controlled production, eliminating expensive assembly errors
• price for installation, 2-4 axes without the need for heavy mechanization
• Right, one or two trucks can fit the entire house
• the price of the kit starts from 4500, - / m² of built-up area


• You will have to say goodbye to your old home soon after construction begins
• Thanks to uncomfortably low operating costs, you will soon be bored on holiday
• do not expect your energy suppliers to send you wishes for the new year
• separation and loneliness is one of the other unpleasant factors, your friends will no longer want to listen to you forever and how much you cost the cost of living

If you still want to know the price of your house, do not hesitate to contact us!

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